Issue 0, Test Issue

The Issues section of the Online Journal of Project Management combines a conventional and rigorous journal with the efficiency of online publishing.

Project management is a pragmatic discipline, so contributions are sought from academics, practitioners and students that are related to the field, its study or practice. The journal will publish a wide range of discourse, including theory, academic argument, observations, perspectives and points of view, research proposal and industry reports.

Papers may be submitted directly by authors for publication, and should adhere to submission guidelines (Contribute). Papers may also be selected by the Editorial Panel from the Reviews section.

Each issue will appear on its own page. A short editorial will be followed by all abstracts organised alphabetically by author. There will be no limit on the number or subject of papers published each month, and each paper will appear on its own page.

A key feature of this journal is the ability to leave critique and comments for submitted papers, both in the Reviews and Issues sections. We believe that this will make academic debate more transparent and accessible, and allow authors and the audience to exchange and grow their ideas. Authors may choose to allow discussion of their papers, in which case this will follow the full paper (the default is not to allow comments).

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